Friday, July 9, 2010

Semifinals Womens or Mixed

I am going try to cover women's semis at Strahov if there is internet access again and if i can properly move in the next few hours. Am fairly exhausted after 4 days of play, the sun, the beer, walking all over Prague in flip-flops, etc.

I just have to figure out what mode of public transportation to get there and then it's Fury-Riot (!) and Brute Squad versus Uno (Japan)

Basically, as expected, it's UPA/USA semifinals to a tee.

It holds up across all divisions: Mixed is a NE regional battle between two surprise contenders in ONYX from Montreal and Boston's Quiet Coyote, a team that's been peaking. I remember playing them several times over the past several years and defeating them and then they kept getting better and better it seems.

Chad Larson Experience versus Mental Toss in the other semi, sort a Western battle (Iowa + surrounding states versus Montana + several states). I may actually try to cover Mixed instead of Womens. I guess we'll find out with the next post from me,

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