Sunday, October 31, 2010

Live Mixed Finals

i will live blog mixed finals between D5 and Polar Bears.

A basic preview: D5, named after a reference in the movie Mighty Ducks, is sporting rather garish Hockey-style teal-and yellow jerseys whch have to be distracting as hell. The team is the first from Connecticut to rock Nationals even though many on the team have come from veteran units like Slow White, Puppet Regime and others. Still, the team was put together just to represent a section.

Polar Bears i ran into this morning, they are staying next to me on Siesta Key. A very mellow NorCal team comprsed of men's players from former SF team YR and graduates from college in the area and across the nation.

The team name comes from a joke they would ask, "How much does a polar bear weigh?" but I can't remember the answer. The shirts respond, however, by depicting a polar crunching on a penguin and the words "mon mon mon!"

And "Rawr!!" which is cool.

Both teams are nationals first-timers so looking forward to some action and glory--

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