Monday, January 31, 2011

Polar Bears go Nationwide

As we know now from reading the USAU Magazine, the national-champion mixed team Polar Bears got their name from the pickup line:

PICKUP ARTIST: How much does a polar bear weigh?
PICKUP ARTIST: Enough to break the ice. So, what's your phone number? Let's have sweaty Eskimo sex.

I added that last line about sweaty Eskimo sex because it gets to the point and here in New York that's the point.

It's a creative, albeit hackneyed and perpetually silly pickup line, but when paired with an ultimate team of giggling 20somethings egging on teammates to use the line (the team did not take it seriously) then you've got a good story and at least some legitimate context.

And then came Hollywood. Coincidence? Of course not. Hollywood knows all about ultimate. Joel Silver, one of Tinseltown's most famous mega-producers, co-founded and helped popularize the sport. He knows what's up.

So the movie trailer for the latest cheeseball flick "Hall Pass" should come as no surprise. I've looked for links online and found this below:

Hall Pass

But oddly enough, it doesn't have the "Polar Bear" pickup line (i've seen a different version on TV ads) yet it does contain a scene with some chicks throwing frisbees.

Make your own judgment call on all this.

Hollywood + ultimate. It's happening. Be prepared.