Monday, July 29, 2013

Australia Shows their Mettle

Crafty Crocs take down Canada 13-10 in a match that started as a blowout with Australia up 8-2 before five straight scores from Canada made it close. But Rogacki makes two consecutive long-range bombs to Sarah Wentworth for goals and the decision as Australia wins 13-10.

You have to like the Aussies in the gold medal match at this point, having already defeated the Japanese and now Canada. They have Great Britain and Colombia left on the schedule.

The win also gives Colombia some hope for a medal-round appearance. If they can knock of Canada later today that would be huge for them. Either way they have two opportunities left, versus Australia and Canada.

Next round starts at 4:10 with a revitalized Japan vs USA.

its tough to live blog and commentate and worse when you write a bunch of stuff between games and it gets lost by the computer... back at you after the Aus-Canada gme with some thoughts

Up Live Monday Morning

#‎twgwfdf‬ We are up live with commentary in English and Spanish (at the same time). Go to this link and CLICK on the RED "emisiones en directo" link at the top. Then click on "EspaƱol" for the language and Tony Leonardo and Luis Rodriguez will be your commentators today.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chaos Reigns in Colombia!

The technical side of live-streaming in Colombia is a total mess with a bunch of different channels and different things happening. Errr, not happening. Up, down, up, down, Spanish, English -- but I WISH you could see the camera work here and what the TV feed really looks like! It's amazing. Best I've ever seen. 9 cameras. 10 microphones on the field. These guys do huge Futbol matches and they are excellent. The highest production value I have ever seen for ultimate.

They push in to the time-out huddles and we can hear them and they get all of the action right, every time and the replays are spot on. If we get this on demand on the future you have to watch. Simply perfect. This is the future of ultimate.

... when it's actually able to be streamed, of course. At least the local Colombians can watch the games on their TVs at home.

Well that was a crazy game. Colombia goes up a few breaks early. GB storms back, takes half, stretches to a 10-8 advantage late before Colombia scores the next 5 straight. Mosquera catches 7 goals and Cartagena throws 6 assists. Amazing performance in front of a massive home crowd.

We're hoping the live stream with commentary from myself and Luis Rodriguez will work...

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USA takes the game with a strong second half with far fewer errors and miscommunication turns. It's basically one turn by Australia and the point will end in USA's favor. They cruise to a 13-8 win after a 7-6 halftime lead. Beau and Snyder and Stubbs key players for USA in their run. Next game is at 4:10pm GB versus Colombia, followed by Japan-Australia and heavyweight USA-Canada.

Aus with disc to take half. Rogacki from half-field tries to forehand crank one to Wentworth but it goes too far too fast. Stubbs picks up the turnover and jacks it to Beau to advance and Beau finds Mac Taylor who zips an IO in to Cree Howard for the break, score and half, 7-6 USA

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Deep look from Australia goes too far. Ashlin Joye picks up the turnover and works it around to Mac Taylor who puts up an easy deep shot to Beau Kittredge for his second score in 2 points. Aussies finally get in board after sloppy point and finally get it to Rogacki, 2-1.

Boom goes the Beau -- deep shot off the second throw and Beau goes high over 6'5" Rogacki for the score, 1-0 USA over Australia.

Thoughts of Canada-GB game so far is of a total mental and physical switch by Canada in second half that has been hugely successful as what started off slow, ugly, no rhythm anywhere in first half and some huge plays from GB has now resulted in an 8-1 run by Canada with crafty D and precise O.

All the big plays go Canada's way in second half as they pull away easily for the win 13-9. Next up is USA-Australia, should be another great game even if it may not match the electric opening Japan double-game point win over Colombia, 13-12.

Yearwood pretty find on backhand side to Cam Harris finding space across the field and deep and Canada now in comfort zone. GB offense still has not been able to establish any sort of regular play and again turn it over, this time floating a backhand. Canada having fun out there now with the second half-rout. West Coasters on the same line, Menzies places a perfect backhand deep to Furious George teammate. 11-8 now for Canada.

GB's offense completely out of rhythm as Matt Parslow overthrows Gale on a simple swing pass. Canada collects and finally Yearwood sneaks one past a tough D to danielle Fortin for yet another break and now a second half lead of two at 9-7. Grittiness and confidence showing through on Canada side. Finally GB hangs one a bit to Foord in the endzone over Cam Harris for another goal in GB's most effective offense: huck it deep to Foord or Rich Harris. 9-8 is the score, advantage Canada.

Around D block from Collins after his deep huck to Llyod and Canada back in action. Punched in an IO to Chan for yet another goal and so far Canada has owned this half looking faster and more confident and making far less turns. 3 straight breaks has them up 8-7 now.

Oops so we were off on the break count -- Canada received to start second half instead of starting on D. Quick movement after successful huck gets Lloyd a zippy throw to Lindquist for goal. Then a stifling defense forces GB into hasty turn throw into tight defender and in seconds Hibbert collects the goal to narrow the gap, 7-6 GB

Hospital pass forehand from Abrams again I think sticks to Justin Foord's hand over big bids from defenders Collins and Hibbert and again GB making all the big plays. This one was for half, 7-4.

Overall impession here is that these Commonwealth teams are evenly matched in this turnover-fest.

Tyler to Gale up the break side easy shot finally --- after Tyler baits and gets poach D on Canada’s misguided endzone look to a female.

After 30 minutes in an 80 minute game it’s only 5-3.

GB pull at 5-3 sails out of bounds, Yearwood brings it up and Canada lines up in vert to an odd IO flick huck look to Lindquist that tails far out of bounds. Not a good look.

Huge ill-advised Abramshuck slips between two deep Canada defenders right to a streaking Rich Harris for a sweet sky and the goal and the break, 6-3.

Canada on O now standing arounf in Ho stack. They are trying desperately not to turn over the disc. But switchy loose British D forces a miscommunication anyway. Ill-advised Bex Forth huck knocked down by Mercier. Finally Yearwood able to find Lloyd in the endzone to halt the GB run. 6-4 GB still up 3 breaks

For Canada, Yearwood hangs a hooking forehand to Cam Harris for a back-of-the-endzone goal, 3-2 GB still ahead. GB returns working up sideline before a quick attack through the middle and Parslow ropes a goal to Jackie Veralls to maintain at 4-2.

GB in red here, Canada in black.

You can also just watch the live feed, it seems to be working at

Huge mistake from Canada -- dropped pull gives GB easy opportunity. After high stall Abrams able to punch it in to Bex Forth on a tight in-cut to give them two breaks and a 3-1 lead.

Canada gets the D and Collins IO floats to Yearwood but Dave Tyler closes the gap for the D. Huck from GB to Jenna Thomson goes too far. Canada back with the disc. Miscomunication turnover on easy dump-swing from Yearwood gives an easy opportunity for a score as Harris sends it long to Tyler for the goal and to hold serve. 2-1 GB still up a break.

wind seems to be affecting throws slightly, or nerves, but these points should not be that long.

Some tough snags but they get them and East Coasters Anne Mercier to Jeff Linquist for the goal 1-1

Neither team able to establish any rhythm as tight defense and foul calls are the norm. Now an impossible-to-tell in-or-out call on a toe line grab is being discussed at length is finally resolved (probably correctly)with Gordon in for the score. 1-0 break to GB

GB and Canada have now started. 0-0.

For a live feed without commentary look here:

For live Twitter updates dial in to #GBWorldGames

Matsuno 15 yards away. Colombian defense trips on turf and Japan's Kurono flips a scoober over the downed to defender to open Ito in endzone for the anticlimactic end -- 13-12 to Japan in an amazing opening game. Big round of cheers from the crowd.

super poachy Colombia on D. Japan's patience and swinging gets them to the goal line with chance to win. Matsuno with the disc. Ford guarding. Couple of foul calls and a travel, disc dumped back to Kurono.

Colombia 10 yards from end zone. If they score they bring it to game point. And they do! Gaviria high-release to Martinez for the goal and knotted at 12s -- next point wins

Colombia – Barrera throws one incomplete

11-11 Japan has returned the break after a timeout and quick score 20 yards from end-zone
Sameshima to Ito for the goal

Colombia hammer is D’d up by Japan male defender
97 shiba to 99 furuzawa Japan with the advantage and a late break! Huge swing. 12-11 Japan now

Colombia – Barrera throws one incomplete

11-11 Japan has returned the break after a timeout and quick score 20 yards from end-zone
Sameshima to Ito for the goal

Colombia hammer is D’d up by Japan male defender
97 shiba to 99 furuzawa Japan with the advantage and a late break! Huge swing. 12-11 Japan now

99 furuzawa to 3 takahashi for the break after huck for Cartagena goes too far. Now Japan has tied it at 8all.

9-8 barrera to martinez to staunch the flow and get the crowd excited

uncontested foul on

espina gets a quick D

ford with huge grab

martinez IO clears the D to forero to mendoza for the goal! HUGE point

#10 to #3 in a hurry. corwd qaiting to erupt again

martinez fast movement to espina who found herself wide open in endzone

Japan’s fear to work it up the sideline is causing them to make turnovers by insisting on going through the middle

2 large layouts from Colombia, last one by Duque fall short

Tanaka to Sameshima for the goal, 11-10 colombia with lead

huge sky from Montana over Japanese defender, epic catch, too much adrenaline to get to Forero wide open but it’s too far

Instead Japanese time out (their 1st) #6 to #17
Kurona to Sameshima for the goal – BIG momentum shift. could have been 8-3

Cartagena trips and can’t come up with crossfield bladey for a goal shot from Martinez – turnover

Almst a callahan from Gaviria

Fast japanese movement but pops up too high – Colombia same side of field too high to give it back

#99 furuzaw to #97 shiba for Japan for a break finally – two turnover from Colombia that point as throws sailed on them 7-5

#7 Inomata to #97 Shiba another break

Martinez to Gaviria exciting 1/2 field forehand IO huck to get them back in groove. 8-6 colombia

Colombia scores on O to start
then gets a break to go 2-0
a fast break on D for Colombia again but they cannot get the throw in so Japan comes back and Ito makes a huge play

Poachy saggy D japan
Colombia finds the opening 3-2

some opening jitters Japan?
broadcast 4-2 -- iarguen

5-2 – break colombia to Forero -- Barrera

crowd is pretty electric already

timeout colombia with disc 15 yards away after overthrow to Enzu on breaky high release

Colombia’s hard defense and timed switches on the mark are having an effect and totally inside Japan’s game

IO flick after timeout to streaky Ibarguen cutting across
from Gaviria

#6 to #9 for the goal for Japan

half to Colombia when Ibarguen gets it to Cartagena wide-open in endzone

7-3 colombia at half