Monday, March 12, 2012

Seattle: Ultimate Can Be a Career Here

The deal with New York is that you come for a career in one of thousands of top-notch career choices here, aim to be the best and along the way if you can kill it at ultimate, all the better for ya.

Career objectives first, girlfriend second, ultimate third, basically.

I've been in Seattle for two weeks now and it's a little different. There's careers here-- real lives that run by the clock of ultimate, and that's a mighty cool thing.

I'm here as a New Yorker -- I'm in a screenwriting seminar at SIFF and workshopping a feature script. Trying to make something cool, worthwhile, wonderful—and trying to make a career.

But Seattlites and Satellites of the Sity are immersed in a good lifestyle. Good eats. Good coffee. Good vacation destinations. Skiing, running, mountain biking, soccer— the Seattle Sounders soccer team is revered here. I've seen an equal number of people sporting Seahawks, Mariners and Sounders gear out here. 2 each. I'm surprised I haven't seen any Sockeye gear.

There are hundreds of middle-school and high school teams here. You can coach a team and make $2000 a semester, not bad. You can play Goaltimate tournaments here, so far in the NW there's been 3 goaltimate tournaments in fact. Ultimate fields on a lit turf field to the East of the University District are lined for two sports: soccer and ultimate.

Spring league, winter pickup, goaltimate league, tournaments here and there, and more and more. Skyd magazine is here. Five Ultimate is here, Cultimate is here. It's really just like an everyday thing here.

At pickup it's not much different at the different cities worldwide I've stopped in for pickup. But it's played at a different speed almost, it's faster. Everyone has generally smart decisions on throws. Everyone has throws. Even the low-level guys can just play smart and judicious.

I have three more weeks here and some time spent with Eats Throws & Leaves. Will report back on that and fill in on Kaimana Klassik and Hawai'i and Hilo.

Meantime if you're curious about my film career objective, you can watch my short film directorial debut, Kaya, at