Tuesday, June 22, 2010

No, I Have Never Been a Blogger

I've never had a blog. Can't say that I follow other blogs to often. I don't keep up with the blogosphere.

But I have been a long-time rec.sport.disc contributor and these days that forum is falling into disrepair.

In the mid to late 1990s I started my own zine, a self-published production titled Derivative. I met some friends in the alternative press that way. I learned graphic design and desktop publishing. Inspired by the original and highly entertaining online literary magazine McSweeney's Internet Tendency (which does still appear to be in good shape) my housemate and I created the online zine Rivative, which is no longer in good shape.

The publishing world, it turns out, is not entirely my cup of tea. Filmmaking, playing, writing and doing play-by-play commentary of Ultimate is more my style.

My point is: if I make horrendous rookie blog mistakes, pen terrifically annoying blogowhines or  provide redundant or rehashed blogostuff, then don't be afraid to either let me know or to dismiss the writing as the work of an inexperienced bloggo who only hopes to provide a sliver of entertainment and a tad bit of usefulness.

I will get better. I promise. Call it a blogopact.


  1. you have a typo in your second sentence.

  2. oh my -- any suggestion on blogotiquette on whether or not i can/should edit/correct my post? this is important

  3. I will be following closely as you may be my only link to the Chad Larson Experience during the tourney! Then of course I will stay tuned to keep up on all things ultimate that I don't already get from my brother. Thanks, Tony! Blogaway! :)