Thursday, July 22, 2010

Up Next: Wildwood

I guess it's good to get out of the house in July. Especially during a multiple-continent heat wave.

So I played in hot Prague, then to steamy southern Austria where Zen and the Art of Team Building got us a first-place talisman and little bit of good karma. More on the Zen later.

And now to Wildwood, again, playing with two teams who picked me up at the very last minute -- this week. I wasn't going to go, I even told people I was canceling my team (which I did). My knee is a bit wobbly, a lateral muscle strain from the last tournament. I've played 20 games on grass in the last 20 days.

But its Wildwood. Sand. The circus atmosphere. Family and friends will be there and everyone from New York and Philly, not to mention half of Boston and half of DC.

I'll put a knee brace on and try my luck. I could end up with glory, or I could finish with regrets.

But hey it's good to get out of the house...

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