Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some Basic Lei-Out Results

To follow will be more tales from the sea and Santa Monica.

But for the meantime, here are the results.

Semifinals in A bracket was Strawberry Love, not sure where from but I recognized Jared Inselman from DC/Truck Stop on the team, against Sb Antimony III -- a Santa Barbarba/Condors-based team with Husak, Dugan, Steets, Burfiend, Regetz, others I am sure.

And apologies for not knowing the women. I recognized a few of them but not as much as the guys. Strawberry goes up 2 or 3 but eventually loses by 2 I think?

Other semifinal was Woodies in LA in their Munich-gear and random pickups (Kimberly and Rocky Beach conjoined! No relation, however, except for perhaps one category) versus San Fran outfit Crazy Go Nuts University with 3 PoNY guys and others. CGNU basically crushes in this game to make finals.

Finals was good. i missed the first half to watch the Jets take down the Patriots at a bar on Muscle Beach with some NY teammates and let me tell you, this was a good call. Tallboy PBRs, a bunch of meatheads and those upstanding Patriots getting faced was primo.

Anyway, second half I get back and SB Antimony is up a couple. Husak making a bunch of plays basically. Some dicey turnovers from CGNU and also some good plays on D. SB Antimony wins by three eventually and Hollywood Husak, according to Corey Sanford, becomes the winningest Lei-Out player in its 12 year history.

In B pool the competition seemed pretty good. We escaped a team called Straddle with some Huck Finn players on it by making some pretty dicey in/out calls apparently (I really can't say much except that one of our players was very insistent on a few calls so the disc went back to thrower) to get to B quarters at 6-0. We played Mustache Rides, an Austin-based team with Straw and a bunch of dudes and dudettes from Doublewide, Showdown, Dirty Birds, Chewbacca, etc. Basically all Nationals talent. Not sure how we even kept this close although I think me, Babbino, Tucker and Tisch held the fort as long as we could before falling 11-9.

B-pool semis was then Mustache versus an A-bracket descender, Pandangerous. Pandangerous seemed to be winning. Other side was Guns of Westwood (presumably ex-UCLA?) versus PieMo (presumably Pie Queens + Ugmo, the two sides of Cal Berkeley). I think PieMo won this one.

Shenanigans in next report.


  1. Hey Tony,
    I know this is ridiculously late. I hadn't seen your blog before (I've of course read your stuff elsewhere, though), so I just happened upon this. Just wanted to let you know that Jared was never a DC guy -- he played with Rage for a couple of years in Philly then was lured back to his home state to play with Ring. I know you strive for 100% accuracy so I thought you'd want to know.

    Looking forward to your mixed nationals coverage. I'll try to make sure my team (the Ghosts) is there to provide some highlights.

    Take care,

  2. Hey yeah, not sure how I mixed that up Misha, the word is Inselmann, now bordering on becoming a household name as an elite beach player, was never a DC guy but Philly and Ring, as you say, and went to UPenn. I asked him about it at Wildwood this weekend.

    As for Ghosts, hella, good luck! I saw you guys and a bit of the other contenders (Odyssey, Teddy Bears, D5, Slow White) at Boston Invite and it looks like a dogfight year again