Wednesday, July 13, 2011

“Even Shameless, Pathetic Losers Occasionally Bumble Their Way to The Top"

One has to ask -- when does age disqualify you from success in Summer League?

If you have an 80 yard bomb in your arsenal and a savvy knowledge of throwing lanes why can't you dominate a seasonal series filled with part-timers, college undergraduates and parking lot drunks? My guess from both experience and from this particularly noteworthy roster--

Westchester Summer League (NY) - Team White Open Draft Division

-- suggests that, well, most readers here, even those on this team, have a few generations to go before age prevents them from playing at a sustainable summer league level.

But therein lies a conundrum. Can an aging core (conveniently labeled [core] in this roster) get by with skills and thrills in a league where speed is cheap? From my experience playing Open league WSL there's a ton of wheels out there and trying to cover all of them is like trying to eradicate graft in Afghanistan.

So even if Team Red has been labeled a bunch of shameless losers by a veteran war hand who knows how to put down an insurgency or two, will it matter in the end?

I don't know a single name on the Red roster. On White I've played with half of them and at 38 I pre-date that half. Put that White roster circa 1996 up against PoNY circa 2006 and I think White's got more than a chance. But maybe, just maybe, an ungrateful shameless foul bunch of losers like Red circa 2011 have more than a shot against the aging former champs.

Only time will tell.


  1. No love for team forest? You're off your rocker.

  2. Forest will test the mettle of motivational speaker in captain Delaney's forlorn ACL-torn soul.

  3. Sometimes Its not all about having Allstars, especially old allstars. Its about having Depth in a team and using there most powerful strengths and protecting their weaknesses.
    Also, You probally havent heard of anyone on red because 90% of them are college players.

  4. In defense of Charcoal's bagel. We are really bad.

  5. For the record: I had zero information on actual games in WSL this season, i was merely responding to an amusing referral from Dobyns. then I looked at a few teams, records, scores and rosters and hypothesized a storyline. You know, typical News Corp.-style journalism, without the bribery