Thursday, July 1, 2010

Packing For Prague

Obligatory link to newspaper story on ultimate:

Packing list:
ultimate T-shirts to trade
Nail Clippers
Backup cleats?
ACE bandage
Flax Seed+ Acidopolous in antacid container
Tylenol, advil, alleve
Witch hazel?
Contact solution

I'm hauling/smuggling/importing 60 books. At a half-pound each, thats 30 pounds of yellow gold. My hope is that it's possible to sell these at the tournament and therefore afford to pay for beer. Beer is the profit margin on book sales, by the way, for any budding author out there.

In the states, it usually translates to something like a pint of Bud Light Lime at BW3s. Or in my case, three 24oz cans of Busch at the local bodega.

In the states if I bring out 10 books and sell them each for 10 dollars and don't lose, misplace, or give away any of them, i might pocket about 20 bucks. The key here is that i've almost never been to a tournament where I've sold 10 books or more.

When I flew to USA College Championships, i brought 8 books to sell. Then I left them in the plane. Haven't been recovered yet. So that's a loss.

In any case I am pretty sure the publisher is doing ok. I'm selling the books, he sits in a canoe somewhere, automatically has the warehouse send them out to Amazon, B&N or wherever and they send him checks. Actually, I order books with my half-off-cover-price and pay for them on my AMEX. Since the publisher put the price at $14, i get the books for $7 (recently re-negotiated to $6). Then add shipping them to me. Then realize that no one in their right mind would buy this book for $14. It's not even in color!

So I sell them for $10. But for Worlds, I'm going for the gusto: 12 euro. Comes with a free can of Busch. in Prague, that has to be special, right?

Don't worry by Friday night all the books will be discounted to 'cost + Staropramen pint.' And I hear the beer is cheap over there.

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