Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mazur Push Pass to Korber, 7-6 D5, back on Serve

After a smart timeout call from Chris Mazur on D5 following an easy Korber block, they work it around to within 5 yards and Mazur finds Korber in the end zone to hold serve now, not surprisingly i feel, at 7-6 them.

You had the feeling, and the past results, that this game was going to be close and neither team had some intangible advantage. Both are new, both are collection/combos of players and not defined cores of players from college units of long-serving clubs.

neither are heavy with Open and Women's crossovers and both teams can find talent on the Coasts.

The wind too, would provide an advantage to a team with some old man veteran huckers like we saw in Masters, guys who chuck it up wind for goals with ease. But neither team has this option.

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