Sunday, October 31, 2010

Old Style- Real Huck - Surly: Masters Correction

from Tim DeBayl, after reading my coverage of the Masters division for USAU, which can be found here:

"The aforementioned Surly-Real Huck semifinal, a rematch of the central region finals, hinged on the first two points in the second half. Surly was up a break, 8-6, and pulling."

Actually we (Old Style) have been in the Regional Champ game the last 2 years, beating RH on sat both times. This year we lost to RH after being up 8-5 at half in the 2-3 game after a blown observer call at 12-12. We also were the only team to take Surly to half 7-4, only to lose 13-11 (score reporter has this wrong). Sorry just setting the Record straight :) Sorry your writeup just brought back bad memories, since we thought we might be the 2 or 3rd best master's team and got stuck at home....again....


so my bad to Old Style, who I believe not only represents Milwaukee, but also another great beer.

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