Sunday, July 28, 2013

99 furuzawa to 3 takahashi for the break after huck for Cartagena goes too far. Now Japan has tied it at 8all.

9-8 barrera to martinez to staunch the flow and get the crowd excited

uncontested foul on

espina gets a quick D

ford with huge grab

martinez IO clears the D to forero to mendoza for the goal! HUGE point

#10 to #3 in a hurry. corwd qaiting to erupt again

martinez fast movement to espina who found herself wide open in endzone

Japan’s fear to work it up the sideline is causing them to make turnovers by insisting on going through the middle

2 large layouts from Colombia, last one by Duque fall short

Tanaka to Sameshima for the goal, 11-10 colombia with lead

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