Sunday, July 28, 2013

Overall impession here is that these Commonwealth teams are evenly matched in this turnover-fest.

Tyler to Gale up the break side easy shot finally --- after Tyler baits and gets poach D on Canada’s misguided endzone look to a female.

After 30 minutes in an 80 minute game it’s only 5-3.

GB pull at 5-3 sails out of bounds, Yearwood brings it up and Canada lines up in vert to an odd IO flick huck look to Lindquist that tails far out of bounds. Not a good look.

Huge ill-advised Abramshuck slips between two deep Canada defenders right to a streaking Rich Harris for a sweet sky and the goal and the break, 6-3.

Canada on O now standing arounf in Ho stack. They are trying desperately not to turn over the disc. But switchy loose British D forces a miscommunication anyway. Ill-advised Bex Forth huck knocked down by Mercier. Finally Yearwood able to find Lloyd in the endzone to halt the GB run. 6-4 GB still up 3 breaks

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