Sunday, July 28, 2013

Colombia scores on O to start
then gets a break to go 2-0
a fast break on D for Colombia again but they cannot get the throw in so Japan comes back and Ito makes a huge play

Poachy saggy D japan
Colombia finds the opening 3-2

some opening jitters Japan?
broadcast 4-2 -- iarguen

5-2 – break colombia to Forero -- Barrera

crowd is pretty electric already

timeout colombia with disc 15 yards away after overthrow to Enzu on breaky high release

Colombia’s hard defense and timed switches on the mark are having an effect and totally inside Japan’s game

IO flick after timeout to streaky Ibarguen cutting across
from Gaviria

#6 to #9 for the goal for Japan

half to Colombia when Ibarguen gets it to Cartagena wide-open in endzone

7-3 colombia at half

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