Sunday, July 28, 2013

huge sky from Montana over Japanese defender, epic catch, too much adrenaline to get to Forero wide open but it’s too far

Instead Japanese time out (their 1st) #6 to #17
Kurona to Sameshima for the goal – BIG momentum shift. could have been 8-3

Cartagena trips and can’t come up with crossfield bladey for a goal shot from Martinez – turnover

Almst a callahan from Gaviria

Fast japanese movement but pops up too high – Colombia same side of field too high to give it back

#99 furuzaw to #97 shiba for Japan for a break finally – two turnover from Colombia that point as throws sailed on them 7-5

#7 Inomata to #97 Shiba another break

Martinez to Gaviria exciting 1/2 field forehand IO huck to get them back in groove. 8-6 colombia

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