Sunday, July 28, 2013

Chaos Reigns in Colombia!

The technical side of live-streaming in Colombia is a total mess with a bunch of different channels and different things happening. Errr, not happening. Up, down, up, down, Spanish, English -- but I WISH you could see the camera work here and what the TV feed really looks like! It's amazing. Best I've ever seen. 9 cameras. 10 microphones on the field. These guys do huge Futbol matches and they are excellent. The highest production value I have ever seen for ultimate.

They push in to the time-out huddles and we can hear them and they get all of the action right, every time and the replays are spot on. If we get this on demand on the future you have to watch. Simply perfect. This is the future of ultimate.

... when it's actually able to be streamed, of course. At least the local Colombians can watch the games on their TVs at home.

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