Saturday, July 10, 2010

Competition is Over: All that is left is T-shirt Trading and Ceremonies

the kind where the winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists basically hang around aimlessly on the fields for pictures, cold beers and colored necklaces with tinted medallions.

In the stands everyone eyes everyone else's shirts with envy. Can i get a Sockeye shirt? What about that Magon one? Who got lucky with the Vigi 2006 shirts? Is there a Buzz Bullets shirt without the Bunka Shutter logo?

etc etc.

Most of all, already, I miss the competition. It's been great to play at this high level with a good bunch of guys who competed every day on the field and never gave up. We finished 5th overall, one ahead of seed, and won our last game so we can leave the tournament with our heads up.

I hope to be back four years from now for another Worlds but it's never easy getting here and i'm sure there will be more things going on in my life.

Right now the cheers and the medalists are still going -- Buzz Bullets get a hearty cheer for their third-place finish. Basically, no one wants to leave. Why would they? Free entertainment, cheap beer, cool shirts everywhere, cute girls and guys, a nice stadium -- we're all just waiting to crash, basically, or at least throw down some more good pilsner before an early rest.

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  1. Hi Tony,

    Really enjoyed your commentary. Seemed like a great tournament. The Women's Final was outstanding.

    Also, the coverage was impressive. We watched it on TV and it looked great. The future of Ultimate?