Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sockeye's got the Tude

looks like Ironside's still-developing identity isn't developed. They're a bunch of very good players, but are they a team yet? Same can be said for Sockeye, but they have owned this second half and are displaying a lot more swagger. Ironside as the nice guys? Ironside as the brainiacs? Ironside as the talented ones?

they need that identity it seems. Even if it's "we're a great mix of players from everywhere and this we relish" then that's cool. but they need something. without money in this sport, you can't build around a lackluster brand, and Sockeye's brand is better.

they do score to make it 14-15, however, Trey (a ringer recruit for the last few years) toe-ing the line.

but THEN i think andrew fleming makes one of the greatest layouts anyone has seen in a long time for Sockeye, one of those ones where he hit the ground first sliding head first and the disc somehow lands in his hand

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