Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sockeye Spikes, Ironside Gets a Score

A spike by Aaron Talbot on an Ironside player after a score by Sockeye, Ironside trades, it's 13-12 Sockeye, then Sockeye with a catch-spike score to make it 14-12.

Crowd begins its disinterest phase. The vuvuzelas sound off from time to time. But its a good size group here: 2-3,000 perhaps, maybe more?  Hard to tell, but its packed with players from 30+ countries, that is quite clear.

This is a different field site than the other games and one playing live at the moment (Riot vs Huck look at the link on the right).

Turnover on Sockeye's goal by Ironside (missing an easy chance to stay on serve but down a break) but they get it back on a half-field huck turn by Sockeye and its 14-13 Sockeye

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