Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Twitter Blog Post

Live from Field 9! Stadion Strahov 2 in Prague, CZ. Before Ironside-Sockeye Quarters match

Yaka female player from France-- "I'm tired and I want to drink" -- with three drinks in her hand
Paolo from Brazil's Brazzinga - "She is the cutest thing. I was so happy to give her disc back, but she doesn't seem like talking"
Nicola says - "if you start calling me Nicole or Nicola I will pinch you."

Quick poll: Sockeye (Seattle) versus Ironside (Boston).
Overall Results

 Sockeye 9, Ironside 4
Carlos from Kwata, the Colombian club team in Bogota, calls Ironside by 1
The Russian girls, French girls, Nicky from Melbourne, Paolo from Sao Paolo and two fans of Chevron from the UK vote for Sockeye

Two Montreal Mephisto players both choose Boston's Ironside.
Jaap from the Netherlands chooses Sockeye, "because they are playing in white jerseys"

I will try to live blog as the game progresses

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  1. Paolo (from Brazil's Brazzinga Team)November 25, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    Hey Tony! It's been month's man, and I JUST found your blog. Totally accidental too, which just makes it funnier.

    Nice revisiting your posting the the funny comments we heard/said.

    You gotta come visit in Brazil.